Ashaena Bands

Ashaena streaming Calea in full

Romanian Folk Pagan Black Metallers ASHAENA are now streaming their upcoming full-length album, Calea (to be released on the 18th of July via Loud Rage Music), in full via some very supportive press partners, find their links below:

Absit Omen (Scotland)
Definite Rock (Romania)
Dutch Metal Maniac (Holland) (Holland)
Friedhof Magazine (Spain)
Hallowed (Sweden)
Kronos Mortus (Huyngary)
Metalhead (Romania)
Monarch Magazine (Poland)
Paranoid (Slovenia)
Pest Webzina (Romania)
Sorrow Eternal (USA)
Terra Relicta (Slovenia)
The Sludgelord (UK)
Transcending Obscurity (India)