Descend into Despair

Our roots go back to 2010 -and even a bit before, but we were only a bit more than a beer talk project – when we begun as a duo of young aspiring musicians.
Things started picking up speed (maybe not the best wording for a doom band) soon afterwards, with increasingly more ambitious yearly releases – such as Wings of Solitude (our 2010 demo), Vanity Devotion (2011 EP), Hierophant of the Night (2012) and, finally, our first (even longer than) full-length, Bearer of All Storms.
We take pride in keeping a steady and focused set on motifs and concepts at the center of our work; regardless of the lineup changes and – at times chaotic – growth, we were always lucky to find likeminded people and develop our music around a sense of weltschmerz, a brooding and ever-looming feeling that physical reality can never fully satisfy the demands of the mind. When conflicted with the obtuseness of this world, our response became increasingly nuanced, ranging from the chronic, almost surreal scream of anguish of our earlier works to a more stoic, almost blissful in a masochistic sense, realisation of the freedom one can find in embracing pain.
Synaptic Veil – our latest effort to date, is also our most articulate endeavour so far. The veil here is ambiguous and double-sided: “objective” reality imposes a layer of limitations onto our mental landscape; but our inner, “subjective” reality lays a veil of concepts on top of the physical reality as a coping mechanism.
We are finally able to fully transpose these concepts into music thanks to our broadened line-up; each member bringing forth their vision and dedication. Today, we are Xander, Florentin, Cosmin, Luca, Alex, Flaviu and Dragoș. We are fiercely proud to call ourselves Descend into Despair – and equally eager to see what tomorrow has in store.