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Grieving Mirth was founded by Abomination (Luciferian Rites, Demon Kultur) and Adversor (Nethermost, Mysteria Inframundi) on the border between Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico and Laredo, Texas, USA with the idea of creating an idiosyncratic approach to metal music. In November of the same year, the band goes into the studio to record a few demos with a clear vision in mind – to create the most intense mourning cacophonies ever. In a couple of months, five songs are built but the project freezes for a few years due to members deciding to concentrate on their main bands. In 2014 comes back to life and Frater Saate-ta (aka DH) is added on vocals taking a different path and style with this step injecting an arrogant character full of hate, agony and self-destruction, with eccentric lyrics in Italian and a refined, aesthetic production, Grieving Mirth goes beyond the usual boundaries of conventional black metal and explores different territories outside the established dogmas.


Abomination – Guitars
Adversor – Synths, Robotics
DH – Vocals & lyrics