Left Hand Path

The path you make for yourself, the road less traveled. The one you lead on and not blindly follow. The way you travel to find who you are, and what secrets the world holds for you. Freedom of thought and of spirit. The Left Hand Path.

Left Hand Path is a progressive extreme metal band, established in Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Founded in 2014 by Eduard Covacic (guitars) and Attila Szenasi (bass), Andras Adam (guitars) and Jose Morales (drums) joining the band in 2016. In 2017, Tamas Wagner replaced Eduard Covacic on guitars and along with Cristian Aionese on vocals, the band was finally ready to bring to light their own take on modern metal.

The spring of 2018 marked Left Hand Path’s live debut, since then, opening for several bands in Romania and abroad. Currently preparing the launch of the first release, scheduled in early 2019, Left Hand Path will give back their gratitude to all their fans and die-hard supporters, by bringing out their hard worked selftitled EP.

Left Hand Path are:

Szenasi Attila (bass)
José Morales (drums)
Ádám András (guitars)
Wagner Tamás (guitars)
Cristian Aionese (vocals)