Paragon Collapse

Paragon Collapse is a Romanian doom metal band with psychedelic, atmospheric and progressive influences, which was officially founded in 2011. The first ideas of creating the band started to take shape in 2008, after a few acoustic jam sessions. At that time, Alex Lefter (guitars), who is the founder and composer, met Ion Ciobanu (guitars). Sharing common musical preferences led to starting a collaboration. In 2009 Veronica Lefter (vocals/violin) joined the project and at that point, the idea of a band became more real. After multiple lineup changes, Dumitru Grosul (drums) and Vadim Puscas (bass) joined the band in 2011. In the summer of the same year, the first demo album was recorded. The band remained active with this lineup until 2014. After Dumitru and Vadim left the band, the project was put on hold. In this period, Alex recorded many unpublished demos. Among them is the re-mastered version of the first album, The Dawning. In 2017 two new members joined the band, Vali Seciu (bass) and Codrin Murariu (drums).
Paragon Collapse is:

Veronica Lefter (vocals/violin)
Alex Lefter (guitar)
Ion Ciobanu (guitar)
Vali Seciu (bass)
Codrin Murariu (drums)