Spectral started in 2004 in Pitesti (Romania) as an old school thrash-death metal band by the name of Katalepsia, then Havok, founded by 15 year old guitarist Ciprian Martin. Soon Stefan Marin (drums), Daniel Ionica (bass) and Alexandru Sacerdoteanu (guitars) joined the band. It is very important to mention that none of the above members did have any knowledge in terms of music playing and composing at the time. After several rehearsals and music lessons the band created the first songs mainly influenced by Iron Maiden, Kreator and Death. Soon Alex Niculae joined as the band’s vocalist and the first shows followed up.

After 3 or 4 shows in their local town, the band changed its name to Spectral and started playing in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Iasi, and gathered a lot of support from the local metal webzines at the time. Soon the band decided to focus on recording the first EP and Alexandru Sacerdoteanu decided to leave the band.

In 2007 Spectral releases the first EP called ‘Autopsy of Hope‘ which contained 5 songs written by Ciprian and recorded by Alex Niculae (Vocals), Ciprian Martin (guitars and bass), Daniel Ionica (a few bass lines) and Stefan Marin (drums). Also very important to mention is that the drums were actually written using a drumming software, since the band didn’t have the funds to use a professional studio at the time.

After releasing ‘Autopsy of HopeSabin Stama (guitars) joined Spectral and the band had a series of concerts in Romania in order to promote the EP. In 2008 Daniel Ionica and Stefan Marin also decided to leave the band and were replaced for a short time by Remus Dia (bass). The band played live concerts using a drum machine for a while since no suitable drummer could be found in Romania at that time. After another series of concerts Daniel Tudosie (guitars), Mihai Radneantu (bass) and Septimiu Harsan (drums) joined the band in 2009, adding a plus of technicality and ferocity to the band and focusing on writing the first album which marked a huge change in the band’s writing process and way of understanding the music. The project became known as ‘Neural Correlates of Hate (NCOH)‘ and represented a whole new era for the band. Spectral changed its style to technical death metal with classical music insertions, a mix of brutality, fast riffs and drumming combined with progressive solos and melodic passages influenced by bands such as Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, Deeds of Flesh and Arsis. Soon Mihai Radneantu left the band followed by Alex Niculae who decided to focus on his solo projects so Liviu Ciobanu took his place in 2010 as a permanent vocalist and the band performed a series of concerts without a bassist.

By 2013 all 9 songs for Neural Correlates of Hate were written and almost 45 minutes of technical madness were about to be recorded. However Ciprian Martin didn’t feel like the band was prepared to take this step so he decided to put the band on hiatus for a while.

In 2015, Spectral rose from the ashes and started recording the album in the following formula: Andrei Calmuc (vocals – Code Red, ex Indian Fall), Ciprian Martin (guitars and bass) and Septimiu Harsan (drums – Disavowed, Pestilence, Code Red, Necrovile etc). Also 3 guest solos were recorded: 2 by guitar virtuoso Christian Muenzner (Alkaloid, Eternity’s End, Spawn of Possession, ex Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity) and one by Calin Paraschiv (Necrovile, Clitgore). However due to being involved in a lot of bands, Septimiu Harsan didn’t have the time to focus on the recording process anymore so the band decided to hire a session drummer. In 2016 the legendary Romain Goulon (Benighted, ex Necrophagist, Disavowed) became the band’s session drummer and in early 2017 the band released the first single from ‘Neural Correlates of Hate‘: ‘Nihilist‘, followed by ‘Into the Further‘ (both raw mixes).

2018 starts very promising with the album being ready to be delivered (mixed and mastered in Sweden by the one and only Jocke Skog from Feared and Clawfinger), while the band signs with Loud Rage Music, a young and very promising label which supports, understands and promotes their musical concept. The album is scheduled to be released early this year.

At the moment the band is engaged in promoting ‘Neural Correlates of Hate‘ while also writing new songs for the second yet untitled project.


Andrei Calmuc (Vocals)

Other Projects:
Indian Fall 1998 – 2009 (vocals and guitars)
CodeRed 2004 – present (vocals and guitars)

Ciprian Martin (guitars)

Other Projects:
Taine: 2010 – 2013 (guitars)


Autopsy of Hope (2007)

01. Blind
02. The Unknown Nothing
03. Autopsy of Hope
04. The Art of Pain
05. Dream Destroyer

Neural Correlates of Hate (TBA 2018)

01. Artificial Storage
02. Ashes to Dust
03. Nihilist
04. Empathy
05. Neural Correlates of Hate
06. Hallucinatory Authorization
07. Hatred
08. Divided We Fall
09. Into The Further