Tragacanth is a black/death metal band with broad symphonic influences. Hailing from the heart of the Netherlands, their songs however tell of ancient Babylonian tales and times.

Composer and lead guitarist Erik Brouwer set everything in motion in 2014 and soon Jasper van Minnen (theNAME) joined on drums. Adrian “OQ” Neagoe (Negură Bunget) joined on guitar and with Terry Stooker to perform the vocals Tragacanth completed their recording line-up for their debut album, called ‘Anthology of the East’.

Anthology of the East’ gives a great summary of what Tragacanth is about. Entrancing melodies and energetic drums, woven together by vast symphonic sections and interlaced by lyrical themes ranging from spiritual wars and long forgotten lore, to mythical creatures. The album is recorded in various studios and mixed and mastered by Adrian “OQ” Neagoe.

The band members are all experienced live musicians and can’t wait to bring their mystical tales to the stage.