Váthos started in the fall of 2017, based in Bucharest. Current line-up: Radu (vocals), Alex (guitar), Ducu (guitar), Dany (bass guitar), Gigi (drums). The evolution period of their style with elements from atmospheric post black, melodic death metal with a diverse influence of sub-genres from the extreme side of music, resulting in a mixture of melody and aggression as they start to define their own sound in such a short time span. Music which caches the listener’s attention in the underground scene following by two years of concerns under their belt, in Romania. The band shared the stage alongside national bands such as, Mercy’s Dirge, Machiavellian God, Syn Ze Sase Tri, Psychogod, Sincarnate, Dinumbra, Akral Necrosis, An Theos, Ordinul Negru, Rancorum, Bucium, As I Fall, Between Colors, Linear Disorder, Deathrattle, Feral Jack, MBP, Downfall, Nocturn, Eternal Fire, Era Divina and also international acts like, Batushka, Web, Martyrium, Sudden Death, Sanctorium, April Weeps, Kolac, participating in well known international festivals, Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2018, sharing the main stage with, Amorphis, Belphegor, Brujeria, W.A.S.P, Goathwhore, The Fallen Prophets, following up with Rockstadt Underground in 2019 and Encore Metal Festival 2019 alongside bands like, Theatre des Vampires , Fallcie and Harakiri for the Sky.


Radu ( vocals )
Alex ( guitar )
Ducu ( guitar )
Dany ( bass )
Gigi ( drums )