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False Reality just released End of Eternity

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Romanian Melodic Death Metal combo False Reality just released (October 26th) their first full-length album titled “End of Eternity”, via Loud Rage Music. Given the fact that False Reality’s first gig happened in 1999, we could say it’s a long-awaited album from a band with a troubled existence, which unfortunately suffered from  a break between 2003 and 2011. With a total length of just over 51 minutes, the album contains 7 long tracks, 6 of them being composed since the band got back together again, the song Bewitched being the only musical inheritance from the first period of the band’s existence. On this material you can find a healthy dose of Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom and even Progressive influences.

You can listen to the full album and order it on Loud Rage Music’s Bandcamp page ( or on YouTube ( and ordered from here:


The material was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Robert Cotoros, known for his activity in the band Hteththemeth and also in his solo project The Bipolar Disorder Project. The artwork was created by the polyvalent artist Claudia Negrilă, who also performs in a Romanian underground band called Negru Latent.

With lyrical themes that include fantasy, nature, death, love, loss, sadness, pain, the album presents itself as the catalyst of inner journeys of one’s imagination through spaces beyond the realm of reality, where the supernatural, the moon, time, desert winds, darkness and even the stars become destiny gateways and witnesses of the characters evoked and brought to life by False Reality’s music. Kept for the ending of the album, the song Dear Friend is a mememto mori, a moment to remember, to salute and to pay homage to lost friends.

1. Bewitched
2. The Silence Within
3. Rapture and Pain
4. Rih al Khamsin
5. Requiem into Darkness
6. End of Eternity
7. Dear Friend