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False Reality reveal details on upcoming album, End of Eternity

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Romanian Melodic Death Metal combo False Reality will release their first LP, “End of Eternity“, via Loud Rage Music, on the 26th of October. The album is a stepping stone for the band’s long and troubled existence, the only other material released so far being the EP “Tales of Eternity“, in 2002. This absence of materials from a band formed in 1999 is mainly due to the hiatus that the band was in since 2003 until 2011.

Pre-orders and 3 tracks for streaming are now available here:

Recorded, produced and mastered by Robert Cotoros (Hteththemeth, The Bipolar Disorder Project), the album features 7 long tracks and can be pre-ordered on the Bandcamp page of the Transylvanian label Loud Rage Music. The artwork is signed by Claudia Negrilă, a talented young artist from Brașov, Romania, also the home city of the band members.
You can expect a healthy dose of Old-School Melodic Death Metal, colored by influences that range from Progressive and Doom metal all the way to Black Metal.

1. Bewitched
2. The Silence Within
3. Rapture and Pain
4. Rih al Khamsin
5. Requiem into Darkness
6. End of Eternity
7. Dear Friend

In January, the band will start a series of live performances to promote this album throughout Romania.