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Katharos XIII announce release date and pre-orders for Negativity


Timisoara, Romania based Depressive Suicidal Black Metal act Katharos XIII announces as the 5th of April the release date for their second full-length album, Negativity.

Negativity features 7 tracks emerged from the dark chambers of human psyche, questions and deep melancholy into black chords, a truly unique combination of different layers and influences…personal experiences (all kinds of abuse, paranoia, severe depressions), strange stories, movies (Greenaway, Lynch), books (Eliade, Cioran, Zola), and is now available for pre-orders at this locations: (digital) and (CD)

LRM011 - Katharos XIII - Negativity cover (web)



2. Negativity
3. No One Left to Lead the Way
4. The Chains are so Beautiful
5. World’s Coffin
6. I Die Everytime I Walk This Path
7. Inside

The title track, Negativity, and The Chains are so Beautiful are now both streaming here: