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Ordinul Negru announce line-up change

Gearing up for the upcoming release of their eight studio album, Ordinul Negru announce line-up changes. Here’s what the band had to say:

“There were two years of intense work for our upcoming album “Faustian Nights”. Our dear friend and vocalist, S did not had the possibilities to involve as much as we would have wanted in this process because Ordinul Negru evolved quite unexpected from a project into a proper band, so the distance between our cities was a key factor for the rehearsals and different projects we were involved in.
But S will still be present with us as a guest for live events when our paths will cross, also he recorded vocals for a song on the new album and we are sure that in the future will remain involved on different levels in Ordinul Negru.”


The new line-up is:

Fulmineos – guitars, vocals
Urmuz – guitars, vocals
Orthros – bass
Putrid – drums and percussions

The band’s previous album, Sorcery of Darkness, was released at the end of 2015 in collaboration with Loud Rage Music, and was highly praised by both fans and specialized media. Sorcery of Darkness is still available here:

– jewel-case CD:
– digital: