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Five years after their debut album Litanie au mal, out on Mortis Humanae Productions, French duo Sombre Croisade are ready to unleash the follow-up, a second full-length material. Balancier des Âmes is set to be released on Pest Records this September, a new album to take the French Traditional Black Metal banner one step further, a personal and emotional yet uncompromising and abrasive album to impress through its honest approach. The track Midiane taken off Balancier des Âmes, is now streaming here:

Sombre Croisade was created in 2008 by Malsain (Suicidal Madness, Blukovla, Vils Serpents, Dernier Souffle, Total Reject) with a will to exorcise his darkest feelings. This the initial project can be described as a dark and personal music. Some songs were composed but non recorded…in 2010, he recorded some other songs and included Alrinack (P.H.T.O, Blukovla, Asphodeles, Loup Noir, Suicidal Madness, Temple, Dernier Souffle, Jarnvidr, Uluun, Ysengrin) as vocalist and bassist. These songs appeared in 2012 on the split with Suicidal Madness called “Molasar Dreams”! The same year, the band releases their first album, “Litanie au mal“. In October 2013, the split “L’aube Illusoire” with Augure Funebre is released. Next is the album “Balancier des Âmes“, set for a September 2017 release on Pest Records.



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