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Spectral release new single, Hallucinatory Authorization

Romanian Progressive Technical Death Metal powerhouse Spectral unleash the second single anticipating their upcoming studio album Neural Correlates of Hate scheduled to be released March 12th in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.

Ciprian: “It’s time to reveal the second single taken from our upcoming release: . Mostly instrumental, Hallucinatory Authorization will take you on a cold dark journey in the realm of the Alien franchise.
Hallucinatory Authorization is definitely NOT the catchiest song from Neural Correlates of Hate but it’s for sure one of my favorites. From Behemoth to brutal death metal, from Gorguts to Death, Hallucinatory Authorization is the sickest song from the album.
Support us by pre-ordering our album here: or by simply SHARING our song. \m/ \m/ \m/ ”