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Loud Rage Music and Hatemode end deal July 10, 2016

Because of a lack of communication from both sides due to Catalin, Hatemode‘s founding member and person of contact, leaving the band, Loud Rage Music and Hatemode have reached a mutual agreement to stop their collaboration. Loud Rage Music wishes Hatemode all the best in their future activity!

Loud Rage Music signs Hatemode June 4, 2015

Loud Rage Music proudly announces the signing of┬áHATEMODE (Metal from Romania)! Hatemode from Bucharest was founded in 2013 by mature and experienced musicians known from their previous work in well-respected bands like Abigail (Romanian doom gothic metal band Abigail), LOST, Rising Shadow, Tiarra, Interval, Erase or Reborn. From the initial line-up only Catalin “Flama” Scanteie Read More…

Loud Rage Music announces new signings and upcoming releases June 4, 2015

Loud Rage Music proudly unveils its 2 new signings: ORDINUL NEGRU (Occult Black Metal from Romania) and HATEMODE (Metal from Romania)! Ordinul Negru was established by Fulmineos in 2004 and designed into old and traditional Black Metal spheres, influenced by various underground acts from the nineties era. The concept of the project is to seek Read More…