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Funeral Baptism’s The Venom of God now available for pre-orders October 24, 2017

Bucharest based Argentinian – Romanian band Funeral Baptism is gearing up for the release of their debut album, The Venom of God, on the 27th of October, an intense Black Metal experience that is surely to impress fans of Marduk, Urgehal, Antaeus, Watain and the likes. The 7 tracks are now available to listen and Read More…

Funeral Baptism Q&A video September 18, 2017

In wait of their upcoming full-length album, The Venom of God, to be released via Loud Rage Music, Bucharest based Argentinian / Romanian act Funeral Baptism released a Q&A video for a better understanding of their history, music and ideas, watch it below:  

Funeral Baptism announce title and cover artwork for upcoming album August 25, 2017

After a well acclaimed debut EP, Gate (still available for free streaming here:, the Bucharest based duo Funeral Baptism are finally ready to reveal the first details on their upcoming full-length album to be released in collaboration with Loud Rage Music by the end of this year. The band’s first album will be titled Read More…