Argus Megere

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The band was formed in 1996 by Fulmineos (vocals, drums, keyboard) and Erebus (guitars) as ARGUS.

The first demo was unleashed in the summer of 1997, with some additional members at bass and keyboards from Negura Bunget, the other black metal band in our town. The material entitled “Diabolical risen to the nocturnal sky” was well received even though it had a mediocre sound.

Next demo “Castelul Noptii” was released in the fall of 1998; it was an improvement, both in sound and at conceptual level. It sold quite well in the national underground and also foreign contacts were made with this occasion. There were two new members: Tammuz (bass) and Naamah (keyboards) but soon they had to go too.

So for the recordings of the debut album “Obscur si eternFulmineos and Erebus decided to work alone. The material recorded in the spring of 2000 and was released on the tape version in 2002 by a small local label. The material contain seven songs as seven sins of fast but yet atmospheric funeral black metal, about 45 minutes of darkness and evil under the mighty forests of the Carpathian mystic lands.

After this first album the band composed new material entitled: “Solitar in Straniu” which featured another ten songs of funeral harsh blackness.

Also having some problems with the name, it was changed into: ARGUS MEGERE. Having some opportunities for live appearances they recruited new members: Izual on bass and Egregor on drums and started playing in different clubs and at some festivals. In autumn of 2006 was unleashed the ten years anniversary double-CD entitled “Inchinaciune Intunericului“, a total surprise for the underground maniacs that have been following the band through all this time.

The band added Neith also in 2006 (ex. My Shadow, Negura Bunget) at keyboards as a full-time member, until then they played live with Lianah from Transition 2, who has helping them here and there.

Next years were only for live concerts, recording and relaxing until “A treia cale” was released on the winter solstice of 2012 with Arcana Noctis, ending a period of unsure future about this CD as there were many plans made by the labels who wanted but failed to release this third album.

Long time keyboard player Neith left the band due to her busy schedule and so the new member is Draugluin who was aready involved in the process of making new songs from the summer of 2012.

In 2013 the band did some festivals, a tour promoting “A treia cale” material and began the pre-production for the fourth album.

In 2014 the band started recording their fourth album, bass-player Izual decided to fully concentrate on some personal projects so Urmuz was appointed the new member in Argus Megere