— 2004-2007

CodeRed was formed in 2004 on Brasov, Romania, by vocalist and guitarist Andrei Calmuc, bassist Marius Muntean, guitarist Adrian Vitanescu, and Gabi Barani on drums. “Stronger Than Lust” was their first official release, in 2006.
The drummer Gabi Barani left the country in 2007 and the band split-up.

— Reunion and later (2010–present)

In 2010, Andrei Calmuc resurges the project together with guitarist Armand Niculescu, bassist Marius Muntean and drummer Septimiu Harsan. In 2010 they recorded a single, “Native Monster” having a much more brutal orientation than the 1st time they started the band. In September 2011, Marius Muntean leaves the band and his spot is taken by the ex-vocalist of LNDH (Lotul National De Hardcore), Ioan “John” Campian.

They recorded together the “The Way of Nibiru” single, in June 2012, announcing the upcoming of the debut album new sound orientation.

In September 20, 2013, “Dominions of Our Deceitful Beliefs“, the band’s first full-lenght album, mastered by Brian Elliot in Florida, USA at Mana Recording Studios, is released and offered for free streaming on

CodeRed took part in various festivals such as The Next Generation Rock 2011 (Bulgaria), OST 2012 (Romania) and Rockstadt Extreme Fest festival 2013, 2014 Rasnov, Romania.

In June 2013, CodeRed was included on Brutal Beatings Volume XII of Sick Drummer Magazine.

In October 2015 they were touring together with Indian Fall and W3 4re Num83r5.