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ORDINUL NEGRU released Faustian Nights on vinyl

Following the highly successful release of their most recent studio album, Faustian Nights, on CD, Romanian Black Metallers ORDINUL NEGRU are now following up with its release on black vinyl format, too.

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Considered their best effort to date and highly acclaimed by the Rock and Metal press all over the World, Faustian Nights features the following tracks:

1. Approaching The Door Of Damnation 08:23
2. Killing Tristan 04:53
3. The Apocalypse Through A Hierophant’s Eye 06:29
4. Oculta Kormos 04:47
5. Elder Magik 04:32
6. Faceless Metamorphosis 07:04
7. Sol Omnia Regit 05:00
8. Faustian Nights 06:28

Faustian Nights was recorded by the following line-up:

Fulmineos – guitars, vocals
Urmuz – guitars, vocals
Orthros – bass
Putrid – drums, percussions

with guests:

S – vocals ( 1)
Marius Costache – sounds (1)
Cari Tibor – piano (7)
Emese Sinmartinean – vocals (8)
Edmond Karban – tulnic (8)
Daniel Neagoe – vocals (8)

Here are 2 videos from Faustian Nights:

Killing Tristan
Faustian Nights