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Ordinul Negru reveal cover artwork

Ordinul Negru 2

Romanian Occult Black Metallers Ordinul Negru reveal the cover artwork for their upcoming full-length album “Sorcery of Darkness“, album scheduled for a Fall 2015 by Loud Rage Music. The band worked this time with talented Romanian artist Alexandru Das (; together with the band members he designed a whole concept about the dark essence of things and emotions toward the unknown and will have quite a development when it will be ready.

Ordinul Negru - Sorcery of Darkness cover

The band’s upcoming album, their 7th, entitled “Sorcery of Darkness” will be released in the Fall of 2015 by Loud Rage Music and will be a massive change in sound and attitude but will have the same dedication towards the black cult. The raw, primeval and abrasive sound was replaced by a more daring and modern approach, although trying to keep a spontaneous expression without exaggerate editing and post-processing.