Rancorum’s The Vermin Shrine album out now on CD

17th od December 2018 marks the release date for the CD version of Rancorum‘s debut album. The Vermin Shrine is a vindictive display of the chunkier metal around, Death Metal, clutching the listeners in their very own grip of multi-layered and lengthy songs, played with palpable malice and relentless oppressiveness.

Order jewel-case CD version here: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/rancorum-the-vermin-shrine

The Vermin Shrine is available for streaming and order here: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/rancorum-the-vermin-shrine

Rancorum will release The Vermin Shrine live on the 26th of January, in Bucharest, supported by Melodic Death Metal band Machiavellian God. More info on the release concert here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/268635403828226/


The Vermin Shrine‘s tracklist is:

1. Voidification
2. Bedlam Of Saints
3. Nadiral
4. The Shining
5. Towards Below
6. The Vermin Shrine

Line up:

Liviu – Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Calin – Guitar
Tiberiu – Bass
Gigi – Drums