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WARHYMN released their new MCD “Cult of Primordials”

Founded in 2019 as a one man band by Shavy, Bucharest based WARHYMN soon records and releases its debut album “Gnosis” on Narcoleptica Productions from Kazakhstan. The debut material gets a very warm welcome from fans and specialized press and soon after WARHYMN becomes a full line-up band.

The end of 2021 sees the band playing its first of a long series of live gigs and at the same time recording the studio follow-up to “Gnosis“, a 5 tracks EP titled “Cult of Primordials” now released in collaboration with Loud Rage Music on limited edition (300 copies) jewel-case CD with clear tray and 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics. 25 minutes of Occult Black Metal rich in composition textures, mystical atmosphere, symbolism, featuring the very special guest appearance of Monica Barta from Kratos.

Order / stream “Cult of Primordials” MCD here:


Here’s what the band had to say about “Cult of Primordials“:

Cult of Primordials” is our new studio release and the first new sound that we managed to achieve together as a band. It is a conceptual material meant to complete “Gnosis” and bound it to our next full-length. It might be considered short length but it is complete in its unique concept, message and atmosphere, a true standalone. With all songs connected it delivers the very nature of the First Civilizations, defined by knowledge, fall, murder, ascension and in the end free will.”


Gnosis (2020 – Narcoleptica Prod)
Live in Studio (2021 – Independent)
Cult of Primordials (2022 – Loud Rage Music)

Shavy – Guitar, Vocals
Rizea – Guitar, Vocals
Hex – Bass
Philip Redhand – Drums