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Loud Rage Music to release Heavy Highway’s debut album

If Post Metal is the thing of the moment, is there something more opposite to it than Old-School Metal? Yes, there is, and Cluj-Napoca based HEAVY HIGHWAY is another proof to that! Blending ’70’s type Proto Metal and Heavy Metal, the nowadays one-man-band HEAVY HIGHWAY, in collaboration with Loud Rage Music, are gearing up for a debut full-length album that will puzzle quite some minds out there.

HEAVY HIGHWAY is a Romanian Heavy Metal band started in September 2014 by Razvan Ovidiu Preja, after his experiences in Italy with previous bands HI-GH and Hastighed. The band name was chosen, in fact, to unite the two „H”s from the previous bands so Razvan considered that HEAVY HIGHWAY was the most suitable name in this sense.

After a year activating as trio in Tarnaveni with brothers Florin and Tiberiu Cucerzan from the band Autograf and releasing 2 independent EPs, Razvan decides to move to Cluj-Napoca and HEAVY HIGHWAY, at this point, becomes a one-man studio band.

After a long 5 years of writing and composing new material for the band, HEAVY HIGHWAY returns this year with a new single called Twisted Revenge. The single sounds like a Heavy Metal track from the 1980s (NWOBHM in a particular way, Răzvan is great fan and connoisseur of the movement) but also keeping a 1970s Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock feeling to the track. Although not being a part of or sounding like the upcoming full-length album, Twisted Revenge represents a continuation of what HEAVY HIGHWAY started 6 years ago, a statement of what’s yet to come.

Check out HEAVY HIGHWAY‘s Twisted Revenge here: