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RANCORUM reveal The Vermin Shrine cover artwork and tracklist

Romanian Death Metal combo RANCORUM announce the release dates for their upcoming debut album, The Vermin Shrine for November 29th (digital version) and December 17th (Jewel-case CD version), in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.

In the band’s words the album is “a sordid journey into the ghastly spirit of our world full of things that itches but cannot be scratched”. For this voyage, RANCORUM are looking forward to immerse you in 37 minutes of sheer primal death metal as in those days where the rhythms were spine crushing, the riffs were shuddering and the howls of doom were mind grinding.

The Vermin Shrine‘s tracklist is:

1. Voidification
2. Bedlam Of Saints
3. Nadiral
4. The Shining
5. Towards Below
6. The Vermin Shrine